API references


Both components scripts are in mixins. The API references refer to those mixins


import { VueTableMixin } from '@lossendae/vue-table'


columnsArraytrue-Array of column configuration
rowsArraytrue-Array of rows to show in table
sortByStringfalse-Name of the column currently sorted
sortDirectionStringfalseascDirection in which the column is sorted. Can be either asc or desc

Columns options

    name: 'column-name', // Can also be a free value, which will be available as a slot in the table 
    title: 'Nice title for the column', // Optional
    sortable: false, // Optional - false by default

The name key is used for data mapping with the rows props.


column:sortEmits an object with the following keys: { sortBy, sortDirection }


import { VueTablePaginationMixin } from '@lossendae/vue-table'


showRefreshButtonBooleanfalsetrueIf true, will show a button which emits the pagination:change event on click
useFirstLastLinksBooleanfalsetrueWhether the pagination should show the first and last links
useBoundariesNumbersLinksBooleanfalsefalseWhether the pagination should show the boundaries links which can be either numbers or ellipses
useNextPrevLinksBooleanfalsefalseWhether the pagination should show the next and previous page links
firstTextStringfalse«Text of the first page link
lastTextStringfalse»Text of the last page link
nextTextStringfalse<Text of the next page link
previousTextStringfalse>Text of the previous page link
useEllipsesBooleanfalsetrueWhether the table should use ellipses
rotateBoolanfalsetrueWhether the page should be kept in the middle when possible
maxPageItemsNumberfalse5When using ellipses, this is the maximum number of page items that will be shown
itemsPerPageNumberfalse15Amount of items per page
totalItemsNumbertrue-Total amount of items
currentPageNumbertrue-Current page number


pagination:changeEmits the new page number to load